*The original language is Japanese. 


The official fan club of Fukuyama Masaharu, ‘BROS’ has provided fan club services only to those who hold a Japanese address. We greatly appreciate all the fans who attend the live concerts from around the world, and the passionate fans that came to see and cheer for Fukuyama during his Shanghai visit last year. In response to the strong demand from the international overseas fans, we will open Fukuyama’s OFFICIAL WORLD FAN CLUB which will provide fan club contents for oversea members!
It is named ‘BROS. +’. From now on, fan support for Fukuyama’s will not only be limited to Japan, but from around the world. Come and join us and become one of the “BROS”, and continuing your support for Fukuyama.

From April 1, 2013, we will start accepting membership for membership in the WORLD FAN CLUB ‘BROS. +’. Please check the following website for more detail on ‘BROS. +’ and its membership privileges.
※Since membership privileges of WORLD FAN CLUB ‘BROS. +’ basically includes the same content as the Japan domestic ‘BROS.’ fan club, all current domestic ‘BROS.’ member do not have to sign up for the WORLD FAN CLUB ‘BROS. +’.